First Exposure

How We Do Our Work

Privacy is of utmost importance at First Exposure

Valuing Your Privacy

At the core of First Exposure is a profound respect for user privacy. Every piece of data shared with us is managed with precision and responsibility.  

Scope of Data Collection

We employ tools, including Google Analytics, to understand our platform’s usage patterns, enabling us to enhance your experience. This data collection is strictly for optimization purposes and is anonymized. 

Personal Data

First Exposure limits our data collection to general usage metrics. Personal identifying information remains outside of our scopeAll collected data is stored within Canadian jurisdictions with the strictest protection including Canadian data sovereignty laws. 

Data Governance Policy

First Exposure follows progressive data governance policies respecting Indigenous, Black and 2SLGBTQIA population health research. More information on working with communities towards empowered data governance can be found on the Communities pages.   

We are proud to be working with the Waakebiness Institute for Indigenous Health, the Black Village Leadership Circle and the 2SLGBTQIA Leadership Circle to build capacity in community-led research and data governance and invite interested researchers, community members and leaders to join us.  

Data Review Standard Operation Procedures

First Exposure uses a rigorous set of Standard Operating Procedures to govern all our literature and evidence reviews. You can find out more about our research and review standards below.   

Conflict of Interest

To minimize the influence of conflicts of interest (COI) within the First Exposure and all its research activities, it is crucial to uphold standards that are rigorous and transparent with regards to the scientific approaches used, and the reporting and sharing of research findingsSubject Matter Experts and staff complete the following COI disclosure, based on their activity in the program. We acknowledge the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research SPOR Evidence Alliance for designing the process and form.